I am going for my GED.I need to write an essay if I want to get a scholarship?

What Should I say.I am 19 yrs Old.I want to go to school for Business or computers.Prefer Business.I need a intro 3 reasons and a conclusion.Help Me!

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  1. summar says:

    How about the origins of today’s religions and the differences between them and Jehovah’s Witnesses.You have access to all the resource material you’ll ever need. And who knows, it just might cause your instructor or who ever else reads it, to want to know more!Unknown: are you presuming to tell her what her beliefs allow her to do or not to do? It is for her, obviously something her conscience allows her to do. When you have studied the Bible as much as she has, then you can make your own decision as to what you would do, not what she SHOULD do.

  2. pileata says:

    As a former English teacher, I can help you. What exactly is your question?

  3. fungosity says:

    Wait a minute! If you are a J’s witness as a woman you are not suppose to go on to college. That is part of the religion. Once you graduate HS you arent suppose to get more educate per the rules of the religion.You better check to make sure your parents wont be angry and you may want to consider changing religions.You can use that as part of your essay. That your religion is against women being educated and you want to break free from your parents and religion then.