Music assignment question?

Well I have an essay and i don't know what to write about can someone please tell me what to do and give examples. Here is the assignment. In an essay, describe how a composer would incorporate rhythm, dynamics, melody, harmony, and texture, and timbre into a composition to add interest and character.

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  1. Calluna says:

    Way too general of a question.Not your fault.Talking about music is hard. Drawing a picture of it would be easier, in a way.Imagine background music in a movie. A bunch of people are dancing. They stomp their feet, swing around, clap their hands.The music keeps up with it, thumping along when the people stomp their feet, rising dramatically as the man swings his partner in a circle, a flute solo comes in when the dance breaks up and it’s all kind of a letdown…You could get some ideas by listening to Rachmaninoff.