Need an example of an exemplification essays?

A better definition for this type of essay is an expository essay. To be honest with you this type of writing is most prevalent in sermons. A good example would be to take a specific verse of scripture like John 3:16 "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."1) Introduction: Use a personal story or antidotal story to introduce your topic. Example: "I once loved this girl in High School because she was physically appealing. I also love my wife not only because she physically beautiful but because she also beautiful on the inside. I love my children and my other family member because they're part of my family. The word in English to describe this adoration I have and had for these people is love. One word for three distinct and different feelings." (It is here where I give my thesis.) "The New Testament was originally written in Greek as such the words for love are a bit more descriptive; three different words are used to differentiate the three types of love in the Greek language." Now you have to know your audience: For example if I’m preaching to an audience of non-believers I want to stress the love God has for them. If I’m writing to a group of Greek biblical scholars I want to stress the nuances of "Agape" which is one of the words in Greek for love. Keeping your audience in mind will help write your thesis.I now go onto the body paragraph where you expose the different words for "love", their definitions and how they’re used in the Greek language. I also tell how by having this knowledge it increases your understanding of God and this particular scriptural text. This is why it’s called an expository essay because it exposes a specific part of a text or subject. Remember to have a strong thesis is the key to your paper, for it focuses it and creates a map which helps you write a paper. In your conclusion refer back to your introduction. So the paper comes full circle. I was an English teacher for a while, and I do a bit of preaching and writing of Theological papers. If I can help you any more e-mail me through Yahoo.

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    In simple terms you make a statement (thesis ) and give examples and Illustrations. If your thesis were “There needs to be standards in the sizing of womens clothes” Your essay would be examples of how sizes change between manufacturers and how women have three or four different sizes of clothes in their closets etc. You could do your own research and measure the waist lines of several different types of jeans or the same size to prove your point .