Title for a story about being the new kid?

I have to write an essay about something, and I chose to write about when i went to a new school in 6th grade, and how nervous i was when i saw the 6th graders for the first time. Can anyone come up with a good and CREATIVE title for the essay. It's an excerpt from a book i;m writing, and the book is called The Last Year's Legacy 6-1. I would name the essay that too, but the teacher wouldn't get it...so PLEASE come up with some creative titles! thanks! =)

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5 Answers to “Title for a story about being the new kid?”

  1. elbasan says:

    Waiting for a Find-meaning that your waiting for a friend or maybe you could do waiting for nothing im not to sure but that’s what i can think of so far, i think that you should listen to beautiful by eminem because it gives me inspiration or songs like that for things like what your trying to do, hope that helps!:)

  2. besplash says:

    New Kid on the Block.Six Grade Shivers.Six Grade Newbie.Stranger in a New LandI Come in FriendshipHey, Whas sup?Call me Tam.

  3. yieldingly says:

    depends on the content. find a key part of the excerpt and emphasize it in the title.

  4. disserts says:

    New and in SchoolFirst days a WreckLife in the eyes of a 6th graderHelp 6th + me = Nervous Wreck i now its all lame but eh I tried

  5. comatulid says:

    6-grade 101?