AS English Literature Help Please?

My teacher has given me this essay question about The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner to complete for tomorrow but I'm really stuck! Can someone please help?The question is:To what extent do you agree with the view that the supernatural imagery is central to any interpretation of the poem?Thanks :)

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  1. sigvard says:

    First you need to understand what extent you agree with the view that the supernatural imagery is central to any interpretation of the poem?I would say very.The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” occurs in the natural, physical world-the land and ocean. However, the work has popularly been interpreted as an allegory of man’s connection to the spiritual, metaphysical world. In the epigraph, Burnet speaks of man’s urge to “classify” things since Adam named the animals. The Ancient Mariner shoots the Albatross as if to prove that it is not an airy spirit, but rather a mortal creature; in a symbolic way, he tries to “classify” the Albatross. Like all natural things, the Albatross is intimately tied to the spiritual world, and thus begins the Ancient Mariner’s punishment by the spiritual world by means of the natural world. Rather than address him directly; the supernatural communicates through the natural. The ocean, sun, and lack of wind and rain punish the Ancient Mariner and his shipmates. When the dead men come alive to curse the Ancient Mariner with their eyes, things that are natural-their corpses-are inhabited by a powerful spirit. Men (like Adam) feel the urge to define things, and the Ancient Mariner seems to feel this urge when he suddenly and inexplicably kills the Albatross, shooting it from the sky as though he needs to bring it into the physical, definable realm. It is mortal, but closely tied to the metaphysical, spiritual world-it even flies like a spirit because it is a bird. The Ancient Mariner detects spirits in their pure form several times in the poem. Even then, they talk only about him, and not to him. When the ghost ship carrying Death and Life-in-Death sails by, the Ancient Mariner overhears them gambling. Then when he lies unconscious on the deck, he hears the First Voice and Second Voice discussing his fate. When angels appear over the sailors’ corpses near the shore, they do not talk to the Ancient Mariner, but only guide his ship. In all these instances, it is unclear whether the spirits are real or figments of his imagination. The Ancient Mariner-and we the reader-being mortal beings, require physical affirmation of the spiritual. Coleridge’s spiritual world in the poem balances between the religious and the purely fantastical. The Ancient Mariner’s prayers do have an effect, as when he blesses the water-snakes and is relieved of his thirst. At the poem’s end, he valorizes the holy Hermit and the act of praying with others. However, the spirit that follows the sailors from the “rime”, Death, Life-in-Death, the voices, and the angels, are not necessarily Christian archetypes. In a move typical of both Romantic writers and painters, Coleridge locates the spiritual and/or holy in the natural world in order to emphasize man’s connection to it. Society can distance man from the sublime by championing worldly pleasures and abandoning reverence for the otherworld. In this way, the wedding reception represents man’s alienation from the holy – even in a religious tradition like marriage. However, society can also bring man closer to the sublime, such as when people gather together in prayer.