Discuss the causes of discontent between Catholics and Protestants in Ireland and the significant events HELP!?

discuss the causes of discontent between Catholics and Protestants in Ireland and the significant events in this drama. Be sure to include dates throughout your essay in order to create a timeline of the events. I REALLY NEED HELP WITH THIS

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  1. cloying says:

    i m not surprised you need help with this it all go s back to protestants not being irish but mostly scottish there is something like 500 years of history here i hope you haven t left this until the last minutethe link from fundie 4th reich thats an extremely biased catholic view point

  2. unobsequiousness says:

    If this is homework you need to do some research and there will be plenty of help on the internet on sites other than this one.The only thing I would say regarding the discontent between the two groups is that ALL those involved in violence, regardless of which denomination they belong to, have not acted on God’s behalf. They have acted selfishly and in their own name only. God did not tell them to behave this way and I don’t believe that one single Roman Catholic or one single Protestant who involved themselves in this way was ever a true Christian. They were/are simply church goers indoctrinated to hate each other from birth. For many years it has been a very sad place to be born.

  3. Sherman says:

    Hey, do your own homework!

  4. counterploys says:

    The root causes are political. English armies attacking Ireland, taking land, shipping in Protestant families to settle… what other part of the globe has had exactly the same situation more recently?The religious discontent was always bound up with the politics. The Catholic Church in Ireland wielded immense political power and did not take kindly to losing a lot of that. The Reformation in Ireland was imposed from outside. King Henry II of England gained the pope’s permission to bring Ireland within his sphere, landed in Ireland in 1171 and appointed English bishops. This alientated many of the Irish.When Henry VIII rejected the papacy in England, he also compelled the Irish to do the same thing in 1537. But no change of doctrine was made. Doctrinal change was virtually impossible given the low level of education and lack of reformed Irish people. Under King Edward VI a reformed liturgy was introduced. The English Prayer Book of 1551 was the first book printed in Ireland. But Queen Mary re-established Roman Catholicism in Ireland, deposed the reforming bishops and punished married clergy.Queen Elizabeth then restored the English liturgy. In 1560 the Irish parliament again repudiated the authority of the pope and passed the Act of Uniformity which set up Anglicanism as the nationla religion. It was a tragedy that the Reformation was imposed on Ireland by the English, for this linked Protestantism with foreign rule. Unker King James I many Presbyterian Scots settled in northen Ireland (Ulster) from the early 1600s.Under Charles II (1660) and James II (1685) church life in Ireland went from bad to Worse. William of Orange tried to change things in 1689 but the spiritual deadness in the land made that a lost cause. That is your background to the whole sorry saga. I hope you can build on that!