Do Ontario school children have to learn English?

What if there's a Francophone family from Quebec and the kid was in a French-speaking school doing well, but the parents lost their jobs and had to relocate to Ontario for work?The family believes since Canada's official languages are English OR French, the kids should not be graded based on essays and term papers in English. It would be unfair and a disadvantage.Likewise, if French foreign language classes were required in Ontario for English-speaking students, these kids would have an unfair advantage being Francophone.Would these kids temporarily schooled in Ontario be able to not have to speak English in school? If yes, how would it work?

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10 Answers to “Do Ontario school children have to learn English?”

  1. fiques says:

    sure but they wouldn’t understand anything or they can go to a private french school

  2. amassments says:

    Yes Ontario would find some way to bend over backwards to send the french kid to french-only classes.

  3. physicomental says:

    Canada’s acceptance of both French and English is rather impractical at the least and divisive at the worst.However, Canada never has proclaimed that it is a melting pot of cultures. You go to Toronto, though and you’d think you were in the middle of any and every culture under the sun! Canada’s “bilingualism” is currently only French and English. When more of their population speaks Arabic, I wonder if they will become “trilingualists”.

  4. victime says:

    There are plenty of french school programs in Ontario and in the rest of Canada. Just about every school has french only classes or french emersion and in most school boards they have french only schools of all levels.There is no disadvantage or issue for francophone wishing to be educated in french outside of Quebec. French classes are required for students in english Canada, at least one or two years anyway, but it’s not an issue for francophone students since the requirement is for “second language” classes and since french is not their second language (for the francophones) then they don’t need to take the classes. They would take english or spanish or even mandarin if they wanted.Come on Eric, you actually found the one non-issue to ask about. You can do better then this.

  5. ninnpji says:

    yes because if you live in the US you should learn how to speak English and not make others learn your language.

  6. frises says:

    In Ontario, you have the option to send your child to French public school, English public school, or a French-immersion public school. It is a parent’s choice.You also have the right in every province including Quebec (to my knowledge) to send your child to a private school that is taught in the language of your choice. (However, if it is a “subsidized” private school, the French-only law still applies for Quebec)As far as I know, it is only in Quebec where you do not have a choice for public schools. If the parents are not Canadian (or are Canadian but they did not attend an English school), their children are required to attend a French public school. It is part of Bill 101. See the attached link.Perhaps this is why so many families immigrating to Canada are now settling in BC, Alberta, and Ontario instead of Quebec? The freedom to choose the language of education.

  7. coumarilic says:

    In Ontario, there are all-french schools, especially in the Ottawa area. If you were forced to move somewhere other than Ottawa, like Toronto, there is the option of French Immersion, where all of the classes are in French. However, I believe you would have to take an english class much like english students are forced to take a french class to learn the language. The English class would not be as hard as one for English-speaking students though.

  8. liquate says:

    There are french language public schools and ESL classes.Edit:Don’t put a Francophone child into French Immersion. They get so bored. The standard is very low.

  9. pelitic says:

    You can go and pay a bit more for a private french imersion like my cousin did ….you do relaize that my cousins had to go to a french speaking school as they grew up in MOntreal and got in crap when they were caught speaking english …Maybe if franco canadinas were more acceptting of anglo canadians the world would be a better place

  10. dipetalous says:

    If said child was in a french speaking school and moved to Ontario then said child should likely continue to go to either a French only or French Immersion school. Therefore said child would not need to worry about speaking/writing in English. If you go to an English school you would be required to speak/write English as the teachers that are hired who do the grading in English speaking schools are not required to know any french unless of course they are hired to teach french specifically.