Help! Need a conclusion for this short persuasive essay. Can someone please help?

Essay Topic: "Do we live in a Matrix and in what ways?""The Matrix" – a film created by the Wachowski brothers holds ideas and theories that at first seem impossible and irrational, but is it all just a metaphor? I think we can learn a thing or two from this movie and the lessons that it teaches. In my opinion, the world we live in is not a Matrix, how absurd! The world has been taken over by robots and the world we live in is simply a computer program? Of course not, but I do believe there are elements in life that keep us in a sort of prison. Things like rules and laws, things like fate. Do we decide how to walk the path or is it all planned out for us? Are we free, or are there things in life that keep us from understanding the truth?Let’s start by asking the question: what is real and not real? Reality is what we are experiencing everyday all around us. To me the real is the clouds, the houses, the grass the chairs, that’s it, those are the facts, that’s what the real world is. To me there are no ifs, no buts; we don’t live in a world of shadows, as Plato might argue. There is no hidden real world that is concealed from our five senses. I think Plato had too much time on his hands and went a bit crazy. Going against what Morpheus thinks, the real world is what we can taste and see and touch and anyone who thinks otherwise, like Plato, is an ignorant person who thinks too hard and can’t find the answer because they are looking for something that doesn’t exist. The answer is simple: everything is what it seems and "The Matrix" is nothing more than a fictional story.I do agree that we are slaves. Similar to how Neo was as Morpheus points out, "You are a slave. Like everyone else you were born into bondage". However, unlike Morpheus’ definition of slave, I believe that we are slaves to the society. Let’s be honest, if I asked you who the vice-president of America is or who is the Deputy Opposition Leader of Australia, you’d have no clue, but if I said who is Brad Pitt or Britney Spears, I’m sure you could all give me a detailed explanation. Most people in this world will do what they’re told to and believe what their supposed to and it is for this reason that we are slaves, slaves to the media, the government and our prison is society. People get so caught up with trying to fit in that they forget who they are and become different people, all (like in the Matrix) ‘plugged in’ to a world that they don’t want but cannot see that they need to unplug and come back to the real world and be who they are.In the film, Cipher decides that even he knows what the Matrix is and that it isn’t a real world; he still would rather turn a blind eye and live in a world that is a lie. I can’t say that I don’t agree with him. I mean even if this world isn’t real (which is not true) and it is just a world that has been pulled over our eyes to shield us from the truth as Morpheus would say, I have to say that I agree with Cipher and his theory that "ignorance is bliss". I’m a happy guy living a happy life. I’m enjoying it and like where I am at. So, if some crazy bald guy with sunglasses that are stuck to his face came up to me and offered me a way out to live in a world constantly in fear of attacks by sentinels and agents, I say no thanks old man, I’m perfectly fine with what I’ve got. But seeing as there is no hidden world, no computer generated Matrix, I won’t have to worry about having to make that decision.

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    Your last paragraph works fine as a conclusion. If I understand what your final paragraph says is that even if the Matrix is real and our existence is nothing more than electrical impulses executed by a master computer program, then the reality that we perceive in our mind is sufficient reality. If I am slave to a machine, producing energy for its system by my body, but do not know that I am a slave, but have the illusion of free will, then that illusion of free will is reality for me. What Morpheus did was shatter the illusion of programmed free will for Neo and Cipher. Neo was able to work out an alternate reality — a real reality — that was better than the programmed reality of the machines. For Cipher, though, the programmed reality — the reality that the steak he held on his fork was nothing more than 1s and 0s in a computer program, but tasted like REALLY good steak — was better than the real reality of running for his life being chased by Sentinels and having very limited real freedom and opportunity on Morpheus’ ship. Therefore, rather than being sprung from a pleasant illusion into an unpleasant reality, you, like most people, would rather continue in the pleasant illusion. This is a a valid conclusion.