Is this an appropriate title for my essay?

It's about the inhumane treatment of animals on factory farms. The title has to be catchy and interesting. My concern is that it is too sexual for a college paper. But it fits perfectly. Any other suggestion welcome. thanks in advance! :)Beaten Then Eaten: Life On A Factory Farm

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6 Answers to “Is this an appropriate title for my essay?”

  1. ecru says:

    yea I think people might look at you like you crazy, but it depends if you have to read it out loud it might break the tension. but think of another title this one is 2 sexual

  2. supernationalism says:

    No way man it’s a college essay, you can almost do anything.

  3. ultimo says:

    How about “Life in an animal concentration camp” or that might be a bit racist?Wow I just found out another person answered the same way…. what a coincidence!

  4. receptorial says:

    yeah or you can call it “Animal Concentration Camps”

  5. worthle says:

    I think it’s fine it works too catchy and accurate

  6. Pedetes says:

    I think it’s a good tittle!Very creative :)