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Its about why we should not wear uniforms.~ If only one out of every ten people would prefer to wear uniforms, then why should our school be required to? Some people suggest that having the student body wear uniforms prevents them from dressing inappropiately. Others believe we should rid ourselves of uniforms because we cannot express ourself openly. In my opinion, uniforms should be abolished because you pay for more clothes than needed, our uniforms are not colorful, and it is lame to be dressed like everyone else. One of the main problems is over-paying on clothing. If we had no uniforms, there would be no need to buy extra clothes, such as khakis. We have no use for these clothes, besides school. I highly doubt someone would dress in a polo and khakis, then head to the mall. It is pointless, and a waste of money. There would be no need for all of these clothes if we were permitted to wear regular outfits. Another issue is that the uniforms are not colorful. I find only being allowed to wear white, maroon, blue, and gray shirts is extremely distasteful. They take all of the fun out of dressing up. You wear practically the same thing every day, every year. It would be a nice change of pace to be able to throw in some wild colors. My least favorite is being dressed like everyone else. No one is able to stand out or be the least bit different. Wearing the same outfits from Kindergarten to twelth grade won't be enjoyable. I don't know about everyone else, but I hate blending in. Wearing these uniforms does not help anyone look fun or crazy. We all look the same, and our clothing has no creativity. Since we have concluded uniforms are not something that is enjoyed, we would highly appreciate the priviledge of being allowed to dress casually. If kids had a say in any of this, there would be more no's on uniforms than yes's. No one would mind having a few rules on casual clothes. Clothes, original and fun, would be betterfor the entire school.

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  1. coralwort says:

    I suggest you to write a little more! The essay is kinda short just from looking at it.I would give it a 3.7/4.0! (A)All in all, the essay is pretty good!

  2. gramaryes says:

    your third body paragraph is kind of small but i think arounf B+ to a solid A depends on how your teacher grades.