How is this Essay? do you agree with it?

My English teacher assigned us to write a 3 paragraph essay on one tjhing that would make our school better. Mine is about how we should have no dress code. Here it is:Are you tired of all those rules we have to follow even though they serve NO purpose? Why should we have to? This makes me think that there should be no dress code.First of all,the rules are RIDICULOUS. No Spaghetti straps? No ripped jeans? You can’t dye YOUR hair an "unnatural color? these are just three of the most ridiculous rules i’ve ever heard. All because some guy who doesn’t know you says so. this should be your choice not some stranger’s.Another reason is that it it teaches responsibility. This word has been drilled into our heads since we were five years old. But how can we learn to be responsible people if these decisions are made for us? We can’t.Last, it makes shopping for clothes a lot easier. its Kind of hard when you can’t try anything on. without having to ask yourself, "Can I wear this to school?" And Sometimes what you’re trying on is perfectly appropriate, but you still can’t wear it because of something stupid like"the straps are too thin." We shouldn’t have to have this problem. And if there was no dress code, we wouldn’t.These are my reasons for why there should be no dress code. I could probably go on forever, but in the end,what it boils down to is that it’s up to you what you wear.I believe that if we put this into action, our students would be happier (as well as feel more respected) and it would be for the better.

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  1. Carduelis says:

    That was the most unconvincing essay I’ve ever read.