Is this a ok essay in a teachers point of view?

Romeo and Juliet was written by a very esteemed playwright William Shakespeare in 1595. This was written for a group of actors to perform with a pattern of iambic pentameter. This has always been praised from the time it was written to now as one of the greatest romantic tragedies. And its writer William Shakespeare has been hailed as genius for his masterpiece. But was it only him who thought of this famous work or did he have some help Romeo and Juliet is a very commonly known play that many people know of. There has been many t.v shows and movies that had used this theme where its love on first sight. With many takes on this a more modern day version letting its audience connect a little more. Also just a good old version with the director deciding what stays in and what is cut out. This has always been a good play that many people have enjoyed over the centuries. Romeo and Juliet has many remakes but where did the original idea come from. There has been many just like it before from old stories that would just be told to books and poems written. The most likely one is Romeus and Juliet written in 1587 by Arthur Brooke. This was written just 8 years before Romeo and Juliet, which was written in 1595. Romeus and Juliet is a 3020 lined poem about two "star-crossed lovers". Romeus and Juliet has many similarities for instance the names are so closely related. Having many of the same charter names from Montagues to Capulets and tybalt, the friar laurace and many more. They are both set in Verona, Italy with the two fighting families the Montagues and the Capulets. Arthur Brooke’s poem even has Romeus suffering over his love that will never love him back though it does not mention her name I believe the William Shakespeare used the name Rosaline Even ending with them both taking their own lives because of the love they shared. William Shakespeare famous play has had many remakes over the year or are all those just remaking Romeus and Juliet. Maybe William Shakespeare never heard of the poem maybe. But over all I believe the person responsible for Romeo and Juliet is Arthur Brooke. And William Shakespeare just remade it in a play form. Making it easier for the public to hear the tragtic love story of Romeus and Juliet.

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    Never use “and” as the beginning of a sentence. just take it out and it will sound fine, like in the first paragraph. Also, don’t use the word “But” to start a sentence. say “However,” then finish the sentence. and your intro is boring. start it off with an attention grabber and end it with a thesis statement. if you don’t know what that is, it is a sentence at the end of an intro that states the topic+position+(3 usually) subtopics. the subtopics are the topic of each body paragraph. then in the conclusion, restate the thesis statement and refer back to your lead