Why did the nazi’s dehumanize the Jews?

I am writing an essay for school about the book Night by Elie Wiesel.I have to give some reasons why the Germans dehumanized the Jews. Why did they do this?

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  • why did hitler dehumanize the jews

11 Answers to “Why did the nazi’s dehumanize the Jews?”

  1. throats says:

    I think the answer is oretty simple, and no one got it exactly.The Nazis portrayed the Jews as sub0human. Like vermin or bugs.So when the German perple promarily Christians) were given the job of murdering Jewish men, women and children, it was easy for them to do it since they considered all Jews like bugs to be exterminated. It is much easier to kill a big than a human being. No guilt!Jeffrey

  2. avigate says:

    Night is a great book btw.Hitler the scumbag, and his close associates hated the Jews so much, (for various reasons), Hitler believed they were not a Germans and Hitler believed that they plot to take over the world, and he blamed the Jews for ww1 and also losing ww1, Nazis were enemies of communism, and he believed that Jews were communists (because SOME of the founders of communism were of Jewish descent)so Hitler tried to turn all of Germany against the Jews and used propaganda to try to convince everybody that Jews were communists, Jews are trying to take over Jews are selfish and a bunch of other nonsense. When Hitler and his men had the most power in Germany, they started the holocaust, the systematic killing of a total of 6 million Jews (innocent children, men, women, anybody who was Jewish) and also millions of other Roma’s Slavs, homosexuals, handicapped people and Catholics were also killed in the holocaust.

  3. apoplectical says:

    Hitler and the nazi regime was the first to identify the power of propaganda and ‘spin’ once they gained power in 1933 they began the indoctrination of the entire german people. their long term plan was the annihilation of large groups of people from the handicapped to jews to Homosexuals etc. they began this by starting to portray Jews and the Handicapped as some how less than normal, cartoons and news reports were made showing these types of people as dirty, dis-honest and a blight on Society at large. They reinforced this message by making motion pictures on subjects were the bad guy would be jewish who would be portrayed as greedy, untrustworthy, dirty with a large nose and other unpleasant traits. Over time the german people began to see the Jews as the media had began to portray them as racial stereotypes, once the German people had been outraged enough with the idea that people like what they saw on the cinema screens were actually waking the streets of germany, it became easy for the Nazi’s to begin passing legal bills though Parliament without popular opposition. (they did everything in gentle stages to allow the population to get comfotable with each one) they started by passing little bills that seem guite practical (the forced hospitallisation of the handicapped etc) once this was done without any problems they could then move on to the next stage so for instance they passed bills allowing for the sterilistaion of handicapped people including handicapped children, (they removed their ability to have children). they also made it illegal for jews to do certain things or live in certain areas etc, once this was done they moved onto the next stage more severe bills and laws being passed and so on. they were always careful not to rush to quicklyly into anything just a little here and a little there.So over the space of 2-3 years they had brainwashed the population into at best aphaphy and at worst a bloodlust to see the targeted people destroyed or removed from german soil. over the years the legal acts became more severe and as each one was passed and acted upon and they got away with it, so the next bill would be just a little bit more severe until they got to the final stage – genocide

  4. fusariose says:

    The Jewish people were the scapegoats for Germany’s loss in WWI. Therefore, they were outcasted and later systematically killed. Hitler knew the German people were frustrated with Germany’s defeat, the government, and the economy.

  5. pseudochina says:

    well it was more of a white supremacy thing at first and Adolf Hitler just hated the Jews in Europe because they were prosperous. The Jews were everything that Hitler was not. it was propoganda by hitler and everyone was afraid of hitler so they listened to him.

  6. MIMI says:

    Hitler blamed them for the war. He decided that they were an inferior race and the “perfect” race was blonde, blue eyed white people. He also got rid of physically disabled people (both German and Jews), mentally disabled (all races), gypsies. it was all Hitler’s idea and he coerced his minions to carry out the extermination of all the deformed people he could find.

  7. intermeddlement says:

    There was a long tradition of anti-semitism among the Christians of Europe and the USA long before Hitler came along.Hitler was brought up in Austria so he would have learnt his prejudices from an early age and most other Nazis would come from the same background.He blamed the jews for the betrayal of Germany during WW1 and millions of people were persuaded by his skill in putting his philosophy across in public meetings.Once you consider a people to be inferior and even sub human it is much easier to justify their ill treatment.Compare with the Americans in Vietnam or Iraq.Abu Ghraib is a good starting point.

  8. barricades says:

    The German (Nazis) dehumanized the Jews because the Germans wanted to be the superior race of the world. By dehumanizing these people they broke them down, making them feel worthless.Maybe you could find some more help here: [external link]

  9. trustpc says:

    because they saw them as sub-human so they treated like scumnight was a sad book

  10. tannie says:

    they believed the Jews were an inferior race that had to be exterminated

  11. scuddick says:

    For the same reason the Japanese dehumanized American GI’s and the Romans dehumanized the Celtic and Germanic tribes: it makes them feel better about murdering those they don’t like.