Help me with this essay?

I need to write about 3 events in history that have had a major impact on the world...but i dont know how to start my essay.Here are my options:-WW1-WW2-Pearl Harbor-Holocaust-Dropping of A-bomb-Industrial Revolution-Vietnam WarWhat 3 do u think are most important and why?THANKS

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  1. Nudd says:

    I would write about the Industrial Revolution, Holocaust and WWII. I pick these three because I feel that they are the most significant. The Industrial Revolution, first in Great Britian and later in the US, transformed societies from agricultural and rural to industrial and and urban. The Industrial Revolution profoundly altered the economic growth in Europe and the US. The revolution contributed to other developments such as transportation (railroads, steamships), communications (cable, telegraph), sources of power (electricity), the beginning of the use of science in the creation of new and improved products.WWII is significant for many reasons. Firstly, it was a total war for all involved. It affected the daily lives of the citizens of the countries who were involved (ie…gas rations, black outs, factories were switched to war production). It was an event that impacted the century. WWII brought about many advances in military equipment (and their uses) and strategies. WWII was truly on a global scale when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor (Dec 1941) and the US declared war on them. The Germans were in Africa, Soviet Union, France and bombing London. The US was in the Pacific Ocean and Europe, it was truly global.The Holocaust is important because it shows just how cruel humans can be if given the right set of circumstances. The fact that this brutality was widely kept secret for nearly a decade is an amazing fact in itself. The concentration camps were not discovered until the liberation of eastern Europe. By that time millions of innocents had been killed.You can tie all these events together in your thesis by making a statement about how all three of these events, although carried out on a grand scale, had immense influence on the average citizen.

  2. riverlet says:

    I think that the three most important are the Holocaust, because of the immense amount of suffering and the overall impact on the world, the Industrial Revolution, because of the wave of new technology that helped us get the where we are today, and the Vietnam, for the same reason as the Holocaust. Of course, you could always combine the Holocaust with WW2 and talk about the entire war, which could be very interesting. What I would do is just start with a thesis and go from there. Good luck!