What should a government do for a country to be successful?

Hello everyone, I need to write an essay for my English class (5 paragraphs). I have to develop 3 ideas of what should a government do for a country to be successful. I hope you guys can give me some ideas and key words because English is not my first language.I would really appreciate any help, thanx!

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2 Answers to “What should a government do for a country to be successful?”

  1. panderous says:

    a government should:make laws, regulate trade and the economy, provide education, and protect it’s citizens

  2. hypopetaly says:

    Dear youngFirstly it is necessary to destroy the corruption process among the institutions and politicians. In second step, it is needed to offer to the nation ( the people) conditions of good work, chances in profession and collecting of some money to comfort. In other step, the reduction of rates is very important followed by good school, safety and health. After these, the country is ready to get in this track of success. Key words: corruption, work, good school, safety, health, reduction of ratesMi queridoEn una primera fase, es necesario eliminar la corrupción entre las instituciones e los politicos. En una segunda fase, el govierno necessita ofrecer para el pueblo e la nación condiciones de bueno trabajo, oportunidad de profession e de economia de alguno diñero para el conforto. En una otra, la reducion de los impostos é muy importante seguido de buena escuela, securidad e saúde. Despues de todo, el país estará listo para el camiño del suceso.Palavras importantes: corrupción, trabajo, buena escuela, securidad, saúde, redución de los impostos.Buena suerte