I need a conclusion to my essay?

the topic is why shools SHOULDN'T wear uniformshere's what i got so far:I am a student at Merrillville high school and I have been informed that there is an issue about discipline and violence. I understand that the school board has decided to institute a school uniform policy in order to cut things down on these problems, based on the positive examples that you have seen at other schools. My position on this is that we should not have this uniform policy.Students would waste their money and some might not even be able to afford it.Another issue about the uniform is that students would have to wash their uniforms every day and they would spend even more money on laundry supplies such as laundry detergent and softener. Parents would not want to spend all that money. The school would then get a lot of calls from angry parents and some of the students might rebel, and stop doing their school workOne reason schools make you wear uniforms is so that students won’t wear gang colors.But gangs cannot be stopped just because they have to wear school uniforms. They can still "throw up" gang signs while they are at school. It is also not fair to the people who followed the dress code before the school got uniforms. If they had always worn what they were supposed to, then they should not have to wear a uniform just because a lot of other kids didn’t follow the dress code.I think that students should be able to express themselves as individuals. Having to wear the same thing as everyone else every single day does not support that. And a good school would allow their students to express who they are however they should feel to do so.

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  1. influxibly says:

    I don’t want to conform to what society says. Wearing school uniforms only takes our individualism away. I dont see how it can help all the teenagers to make everyone look the same all the time. We were born to be different.Just and idea.. you can expand on all of that GL :)