Math help. TEN POINTS! ~ Statistics?

1. Determine if each variable is quantitative or qualitative.(a) Political affiliation (b) Opinions of students on a new music album (c) SAT scores(d) nationality (e) cholesterol level (f) Class membership (freshman, sophomore etc)(g) height (h) Number of times the word "alligator" is used in an essay.2. A sample of students is to be selected and the height of each student is to be measured to determine the average height of a student in a school. (a) Tell whether the example is biased of unbiased. (b) If the sample is biased, explain how this might affect the outcome of the survey. (1) The basketball team (2) The senior class (3) The first three students who report to the nurse on Monday. Thank you(=

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  1. sandhis says:

    1 If you can answer the question with a number then it’s quantitative as in QUANTITY or AMOUNT or NUMBER. If you cant, then it’s qualitive. Simple as that.#2 Biased means It’s not really fair. One side has an advantage. Unbiased means it’s fair, everything’s got an equal chance. So if you’re trying to find the average height of kids in a school, looking only at the basketball team isnt very fair, because basketball players tend to be TALL. So (1) is biased. The senior class is going to be only the older kids in the school, and as well all know kids get taller as they grow, so (2) also biased. The first three students who report to the nurse could be ANYONE. Everyone can get sick. Tall people or short people. When you want to find an average you want to choose randomly of all kinds of people. So (3) is unbiased.

  2. unideographic says:

    1(a) – Not too sure(b) – Qualitative(c) – Quantitative(d) – Qualitative(e) – Quantitative(f) – Qualitative(g) -Quantitative(h) – Quantitative2 – 1a – Biasedb – As basketball players are usually taller than the average student, it may increase the average height.2a – Biasedb – As the students are older teens, it is possible that they would be taller than the average student therefore it may increase the average height.3a – Unbiased.Hope this helps :)