What should my third paragraph be about?

im writing a persuasive essay, and my first paragraph is about personal experiences, my second paragraph is about the technological devices that they have for paranormal activity, and now im stuck because i dont know what to write about in my third paragraph. So i need some help. And it has to be good because my teacher is crazy and everything has to be perfect. therefore....HELP ME!

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6 Answers to “What should my third paragraph be about?”

  1. rethank says:

    Maybe you should reconsider making the second topic about types of paranormal activity. For example, residual haunting, int. haunting aka human type haunting. Then your third topic can be how to prove or disprove by using the technological devices. good luck!A

  2. antisquatting says:

    3rd part should be about how technology has either proved or disproved paranormal happenings. Relate how your experiences and opinions might have changed because of the technology. Then sum up and give your appraisal of the evidence and decide if you believe or not in the paranormal.

  3. pinprick says:

    Write about paranormal organizations.

  4. maddery says:

    Perhaps you could write about politics. Or maybe personal interests.

  5. sheafer says:

    ake it about whatever you want it to be about think deep and there is no way that you can not get it make you third paragraph about a time when something was very hard for you and you were able to beat it and accomplish it how about that

  6. sherman says:

    It would help to know what your essay is about.