Who are the most dynamic/influential characters in ‘To Kill a Mockingbird” and how to they influence the plot?

My english teacher is having us write a few mini essays and even though this question sounds simple, im stumped. this is the original question:discuss the major aspects of plot and character development within the text. (on a timed test, this question might appear as: discss your initial reactions to the story, write down any thoughts, opinons, or questions you may have.)so basically i just need a few starter ideas to get my essay going. if somebody could tell me who are a few influential characters in to kill a mockingbird. and how do they change the plot of the story then that would be great

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4 Answers to “Who are the most dynamic/influential characters in ‘To Kill a Mockingbird” and how to they influence the plot?”

  1. pecheur says:

    its really easy if you read the book….which it sounds like you didnt by the question.

  2. perigone says:

    Scout and Jem are the most dynamic characters (but they are not the only ones). As a result of the events, Scout and Jem gain a new awareness of who they are and the cruelty as well as the kindness of humanity. I think the very last few lines of the book will help you with this. Note that the book takes place over several years. Look through the chapter summaries online and sort of chart how they grow. In the beginning they are just kids; they are curious about Boo, someone different from them who they never see, and in their childish way, they are a little cruel. As they grow up, they learn that everything is not as it appears. The old lady who Jem has to look after is not as her cruel exterior would have you believe; she is merely a poor old woman with a morphine addiction. Atticus seems to be the gentlest creature alive, but he kills that rabid dog when he has to, without ever telling the children he knows how to shoot. They learn about cruelty the Tom Robinson trial and the plight of the Ewells. And they learn that they, too, can work to make the world a better place. In the end, they understand just why it would be cruel to make Boo Radley suffer any kind of scandal.

  3. ropish says:

    Boo RadleyMr. FinchScoutJemDillThese are a few of them, I think your teach wants you to write about how the characters themselve change such as Scout becomes more responsible and learns not to judge people to quickly and to “Stand in they’re own shoes” so to say

  4. fungible says:

    Boo Radley influenced by giving the children something to be curious about and also providing them protection throughout the entire book, even though you dont find out about it until the ending.Tom gave the children a reason to learn more about another race and he helped to expose them to how terrible the world can be.