Why has terrorism become such an important issue between Israel and the Arabs from 1967 to 2006?

Have to write an essay on this, and i'm very confused. Religion, refugees, territory and global influences all play a part, but can someone please explain why? Thanks

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6 Answers to “Why has terrorism become such an important issue between Israel and the Arabs from 1967 to 2006?”

  1. raught says:

    The Israelis have been armed heavily by the USA, no Arab/Muslim nation can match that overwhelming firepower. The only weapon available to them is now called terrorism. Do not forget how heavily the German Jewish refugees used terrorism before they took Palestine from the locals — you can find that history if you look. The term “Terrorism” will change depending on who wins. The rebels in America relied on terrorists during the American revolution but now we call them “Patriots”.

  2. livelihoods says:

    Google, Mohammed lied when he said that mere stone idol moon god Allah would never let a non Muslim nation beat a Muslim nation in battle [external link] ;_ylt=A…God gave tiny Israel many miraculous victories over all Arabs in the ’67 6 Days War & the ’73 1 day Yom Kippur War & in the ’82-’85 infitada [external link] …I’d rather sign for Mossad & do it good & proper: Mossad are the best in the world [external link] ;_ylt=A…How @ you?Watch Munich free online [external link] …Danial Craig’s superb in it

  3. hemianalgesia says:

    It started in 1948 when the Muslims invaded Israel right after it was formed.

  4. reconfigurable says:

    The arabs/moslems have been trying to wipe Israel off the map since its creation and “push the Jews into the sea”. They attack over and over. In 1967 Israel was attacked by Egyptian, Jordanian and Syrian armies. Israel won. Since then, the terror against Israel has been unrelenting, but less overt. Read the link for some interesting insights. [external link] …

  5. TI-DSEG says:

    It’s been going on since the very beginning. When Israel was declared an independent state in 1948, 5 Arab countries attacked.

  6. deprecates says:

    Palestinians religion teaches violence towards anyone who is not muslim..this includes the Israeli’s and Americans, which they deem ”The great satan” and our allies as shown in this article…In other words, anyone who will not follow the Islam religion.I may not agree with religion, but at least ”we” are not threatened by any of them besides the Islam religion, which all muslims follow. [external link]