My sister and I just got our AP English scores…?

we both got fives! huzzah! but does anyone know what that score entails? and when they send us the score report in the mail, what exactly is included? do they save our essays?gracias! :D

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2 Answers to “My sister and I just got our AP English scores…?”

  1. landlock says:

    congrats! the score report will come in 2-3 weeks. its nothing exciting, just a paper that says your overall score with no more details than what you got on the phone. if you really want your essays back you can call college boardd for them but it costs $7. they’re not marked or graded but the rubric will be online in a month or so. I promise the curiosity goes away. When i got my scores back last year i really wanted to know details too but after a month i didn’t care and was just happy i got a 5. Congratulations again!

  2. headache says:

    Hey congrats on your awesome scores! But just to tell you, they don’t send ANYTHING to you in the score report: it just says the exam you took and the number you got. nothing about your multiple choice score and what you got on the essay. Teachers get your essays back but there’s no mark on the essays indicating your score. Which really sucks in my opinion…come on, don’t make us speculate so much, but whatever. Great job to both of you! :D