Three spiritual question for my English essay.?

1) How important are "feelings" in knowing whether you have done the right thing spiritually?2) From where do those "feelings" come?3) What would you say to someone who asked Christ into their life but didn't "feel" different?

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3 Answers to “Three spiritual question for my English essay.?”

  1. unmartial says:

    1) Feelings can be important since God feels what we feel when we are in prayer. You’ll know by the way you feel if you done the right thing.2) Feelings and emotions come from our soul, our aura or countenance display the feelings and emotions.3) Normal… Just because you ask Christ into your life, don’t mean that you have to change or act totally different. You are who you are, and God – Jesus is understanding more than any other. It takes time to change, the reason why God is merciful, compassionate, and patient. He knows we all have the ability to change, why He loves us all. In time you learn and change through all your life experiences. In time you will ascertain all that I explain here is true……God Bless!Edit:God is Spirit, and He has always express the way He feels. God is Love, merciful, compassionate….those are all feelings! God’s presence intervene to me once when I felt compassion in my heart for another, and in the moment of truth. I felt God’s presence floating above me, warmness all around me, happy and warn within me, and I knew who it was, and God communicated telepathically, God said to me, “I am happy with you”.God express the way He felt, because He felt what was in my soul:)

  2. spaketh says:

    1’2 — You have to stand on the Bible3 – If it’s real, they feel something, but then I’m a Calvinist who thinks that “altar calls” and “sinners prayers” lead to a lot of phony “conversions.”

  3. jogged says:

    Feelings do not enter into the realm of spirituality.Feelings are human emotions. Humans are full of them.Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ for your salvation is all one needs to know. We live by faith. A new Christian’s life will be greatly altered, but feelings may not have changed all that much. It takes time to be consecrated to Almighty God.