What are some good essay topics for Slaughterhouse-Five?

Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut. I really need some essay topics please!

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  • good ideas to write about in slaughterhouse 5

3 Answers to “What are some good essay topics for Slaughterhouse-Five?”

  1. unpunctuality says:

    awesome book! how about Billy Pilgrim going nuts and flying in a spaceship to Tralfalmadore (sp?)? Or about the fire bombing of Dresden? Vonnegut was actually there. Do you have to write a serious or a funny essay?

  2. agnatically says:

    What happened to Billy Pilgrim that he’s time traveling. Does this book have any relation to Pilgrim’s progress by John Bunyan? Who is observing them in the dome? How do you know?

  3. subclinically says:

    Billy Pilgrim is sane -or- Billy Pilgrim is insaneThe novel is anti-warWhat Vonnegut achieves by putting together events that do not take place chronologicallyWhat Vonnegut seems to be saying about free willCompare Billy Pilgrim’s experience of his consciousness being unstuck in time with that of Desmond Hume in the TV show “Lost”(Kidding about that last one! Though it would be interesting to discuss.)