What muscles are used when ice skating?

I have a essay to do in Health Science.She asked "If people ice skate in the olympics. what muslce do they use, & how do they train them"I think what she is trying to ask is what muscle do they use when they ice skate and how do they train the muscle? Thanks the most resonable answer will get voted.

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One Answer to “What muscles are used when ice skating?”

  1. Navarrian says:

    most muscles are used.in order of most used to least used:-quads’glutes (just by stroking around the rink, these are worked very hard; also, jumps, and have you seen sit spins?)-ABS! (jump landings.. if you have seen the pairs’ throws and their landings, they tend to lean forward – and that’s because the force is like BAM! and it tries to bring the upper body down–that’s a really good example of how abs are used, because in singles, most have enough control through the core to not let the upper body fall over)-back muscle (jump landings also go for overall core strength)-hamstrings (mostly if you do pairs)-calves (somehow, these are used.. **they certainly got bigger when i skated. i think it could be both stroking and jumping, though)-arms (if pairs/ice dancing–lifts require a lot of strength)-