Can you email a Professor on a Saturday for help with an essay?

I had a professor tell me years ago that you should never email a college professor on weekends because of etiquette. Do you know if this is true? What do you think.

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10 Answers to “Can you email a Professor on a Saturday for help with an essay?”

  1. plantation's says:

    I don’t think it is poor etiquette to email questions to your professors as long as you keep them professional and make sure you include what class you’re in! Of course, most professors only check their email during office hours, which are usually only on weekdays, but every once in a while you’ll get lucky and get a response. Good luck!

  2. aboriginary says:

    I would think that if you wanted to email your professor, that would be fine. Most professors know that the weekends are when students are able to do the most studying. If you are able to wait for an answer, explain your dilemma and ask if you can meet with him/her on the next available weekday.

  3. Sepiidae says:

    It’s no problem as far as I’m concerned. Just recently, I emailed my history professor to ask a question about my essay. Good luck.

  4. driveled says:

    I think no why yes?

  5. baktun says:

    Hmm, well I guess all professors are different. My professors gave each student their home and cell numbers in case we ever needed help with anything. I’m not sure if its proper etiquette or not, but I would just go for it. That way, if your professor gets upset, you can always say you didn’t know!

  6. piacle says:

    No, as long as you do not expect an answer back before Tuesday. A professor should have at least one business day to respond to email.Email is great because it’s like an automated answering system. It’s hard to bother someone with a professional email sent at an odd time, because it only alerts them when they check it. I think your professor will consider you resourceful for emailing on Saturday if she/he even notices the date, because it shows you were doing your work instead of partying.I would consider it rude to call a professor on Saturday unless it was regarding an appropriate social event (my music professor used to have students perform at her house, and once I needed directions the day before the performance), or unless you are close friends and know that it is appropriate.

  7. prefraternal says:

    I don’t think it is poor etiquette. If it is an e-mail, it’s not intruding into the professor’s personal life, as they can choose whether to answer it immediately or not. I think the professor who told you this was rude was vastly egotistic. I’d go ahead and e-mail. If there’s a school account, rather than a personal account, I might use that, but if the professor has provided you with a personal account for e-mail, as well, then I’d say this, also, is fair game.

  8. neurodermatosis says:

    thats not truenobody cares

  9. myricks says:


  10. squirrelish says:

    since you are asking your question in etiquette ? the answer :# no , you may not disturb your professor on week-ends # ,for it is his time off from work ….of course you can if you wish ?…………he may not check his PC on week-end …….is it an emergency ? etiquette says :NO