Do i have a chance at getting into USF?

I've applied to the University of South Florida for fall 2010 from out of state, Laurel, MD.My GPA is 3.1 unweighted 3.23 weightedOn the SAT I got a 490 in reading, 500 in writing with an 8 on the essay, and 580 in mathI've wrestled for 3 years but i am not doing it my senior yearI also did mock trail in 10th gradeI dont plan on doing anythingbut work my senior yearI am employed, for the summer, at the city's municipal center AKA the city government.Since i've applied and they dont start making rolling decisions until Octobeer 1WHAT DO YOU THINK ARE MY CHANCES OF GETTING IN please

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  1. unmitre says:

    University of South Florida?If so, I would strongly suggest taking a solid course load your senior year of high school and dedicating yourself to getting your grades up. Unfortunately, due to the tough economy, all the state school are getting unusually high number of applicants and are able to accept less people. So, a student like you that might have gotten in easily 2 or three years ago, is now sometimes placed on a waiting list or admission might be deferred until senior year grades are submitted.