Please Help With My Poem Essay!?

I'm writing an essay for my english set one class, and I'm in year 8 (I'm 13 years old). It's an essay that has two compare the two war poems 'Mental Cases' by Wilfred Owen and 'There Will Come Soft Rains' by Sara Teasdale.Does anybody know and resources or sites that will give me useful information?Thank you for all your help xx Ten points for best answer.

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  1. spondyl says:

    Hey. . . we had to do something the sme but with different war poems . . . . im also in set 1! My teacher told us a level 8 structure . . here is what it is . . 1. Pick an image 2. Quote where it is in the poem ( first stanza etc)3. Write what it actually (literally) means 4. Take each word of the image and comment on it (compare them etc)5. Comment on any techniques used in the image (transferred epithet, alliteration etc)6. Sum it up in one or two sentencesHope it helpsss =P