What do you guys thnk of my essay?

"Ignorance is Bliss"Do you remember being a child and believing in fairytales. I remember strongly believing in the tooth fairy and Santa. I would wake up early to search for the tooth that I just absolutely knew the tooth fairy had stolen and replaced with a quarter as I slept. Or sneaking into the living room to hopefully catch a glance of that big jolly man in his red suit putting presents under the tree or find half eaten cookies and presents galore. I absolutely knew Santa left them before he escaped through the chimney. One might think that such naive and childish disposition toward the world is a misguided perception, but who can remember any happier years than the ones where we were ready to believe anything?As we grow older we become more aware of the world around us. We begin to notice it’s pain and suffering and begin to understand the extent to it. The loss of innocence and ignorance leaves us less blissful, because in life I have come to learn that the common phrase "ignorance is bliss" holds some truth to it. One event in particular set off a chain reaction that led to me being less ignorance as well as less blissful, but in return I’ve gained knowledge, compassion, and understanding.One day, one of my friends was walking along side me to another class when a couple of black boys were walking slowly in front of us. They had an urban look to them with expensive designer clothes. They weren’t doing anything odd or different from anybody else other than walking slow. I experienced this often when walking the halls at school. My friend who happened to be white muttered to herself, "I hate walking behind ghetto people. They are so slow". My mouth dropped and I froze. Those people in front of me were not ghetto. I know what "ghetto" is, I often visit family members who happen to live in the ghetto, and I am well aware of the difference between that life style and our lifestyle. At my school there are very few truly "ghetto" people and these boys definitely did not fit the description. I asked her why she thought that, and she seemed to be holding back what her true answer would be. I went silent, and my usually cheery mood was dampened because in my heart I knew the truth. She had said they were ghetto because they were black. Since I am black, could she be thinking the same about me?I could only go silent as my mind changed, like a light switch was turned on. It wasn’t like I never heard comments like this before. I simply turned the other cheek and be ignorant to what the hidden message was behind her words. Discrimination was not gone. Her remark was not particularly discriminatory; it was stereotyping, but often stereotyping leads to discrimination and sometimes racism. With these thoughts, I opened a floodgate of memory after memory revealing instances whose roots were soiled in stereotypes, and how I chose to ignore it and be ignorant because that’s what left me happier.It felt as if my whole life I had been wearing sunglasses so that I could not see clearly the world around me. I may have been ignorant to think the world was so peaceful, but in my ignorance lived the joy of the magic of believing. Now that I know the truth, the illusion has been shattered and with it the magic and joy it brings. I may know the truth now, but such knowledge has not filled the void of the happiness I, at the time, possessed.As I play imaginary games of princesses and castles with my god-sister, I may happen to glance into her eyes where I see pure innocence. Or she may flash me a smile that shows happiness many adults yearn to feel. I feel her ignorance of the true world and the bliss from that ignorance. It reminds me that the phrase "ignorance is bliss" is the underlying truth in all of our lives.do u guys get wat im trying to say?hows the paper... JUST LET ME KNOW YOUR OPINION! :D

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    it’s great(:

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    hey!well done.. its not bad..i get the understanding of what ur trying to say..one thing to point out..”One event in particular set off a chain reaction that led to me being less ignorance as well as less blissful, but in return I’ve gained knowledge, compassion, and understanding.”isn’t it.. “me being less ignorant” and not ignorance?and also on the paragraph where u talk about discrimination and stereotypes,,u repeat these two words constantly.. try using other words which mean the same thing..other than that.. its pretty good.. but i would let other people at least 3 others to proofread it and give u advice,, instead of posting here cuz honestly, people on the internet might not read it throroughly..good luck with ur essay and i hope you Ace it~

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    If you are to be remembered after you are gone you must do something worthy of writing about or write something aobut reading about.