What is a good thesis for an essay on the novel “Uglies”?

In my class we are doing an essay about whatever we want, on the novel ‘Uglies’. The problem is the project is so open-ended and I’ve thought about what I should do for it, but my brain just keeps going in circles. Does anyone have an idea on a thesis statement, or a theme or anything?! I’d appreciate it soooo much! Thanks! :D

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2 Answers to “What is a good thesis for an essay on the novel “Uglies”?”

  1. textwin says:

    Is beauty everything?

  2. irregulars says:

    I love these books. Your best bet for finding a topic is how superficial they are about beauty and looks. a good thesis statement for that would be : lets face the facts, if this beauty-driven society is what our world is leading us to, there are not going to be people who truly care for one another.