How was Athens a better city-state than Sparta?

For history we have to write an essay on which city state was better. I chose athens and my thesis so far is - "Athens was more superior to Sparta due to the Athenians having a better economy, a direct democracy, great values, and a more thorough education."Can anyone give more reasons on how athens was better or evidence to support my thesis?

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  1. TAMAR says:

    Economy–good point. You’ll have to provide evidence (trade between Athens and other city-states) or art historical evidence (numerous finds of pottery and other vessels and items used in trading, storing, shipping of goods)Democracy–excellent point. Athenian (free) males were allowed to vote in general assembly, whereas Spartan government was based on the strong-arm rule of what was effectively a tyrant (correct me if I’m wrong, but they were a military city-state, no democracy to speak of)Great values–too vague. Use evidence to support the assertion that military values (Sparta) are less desirable/less beneficial than the values of the Athenians (art, democracy, theater)Education–good point. Military Sparta taught the lessons of warfare and winning at combat. “Civilized” Athens taught art, history, drama, and philosophy–critical thinking skills.