Question about Lord of the Flies?

Hi guys! I hope MLK day was a nice day off, because I sure had a good time considering I had time to work on my Lord of the Flies essay :). Now to my question...Could anyone please give me a couple examples of Piggy's intelligence. For example, an example of Jack's totalatarian ways is his love for hunting and how on Castle Rock he sat on a big chair and ordered his servants to feed him.What would be some good examples that show Piggy's examples? If you have direct quote to quote examples, that would be great (!), but if you don't that's ok. Any example with no reference will be greatly appreciated.Thanks in advance,Jim

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  1. limuloids says:

    piggy’s intelligencenever shined more brightlythan when he told the assemblythat the only danger they facedon the islandwas fearing other people [external link]

  2. mlcoch says:

    Let’s see… it’s been so long since I read it that I don’t have exact passages for you, but maybe you can find them. Firstly, Piggy’s glasses are almost overly mentioned, instilling the impression that he is intelligent and knowledgable simply because he wears them.The glasses also enable them to make fire, lending to Piggys place in the heirarchy of the first days on the island. Piggy is able to build a sundial for the boys, and adamantly disbelieves in the “beastie”, leading to his eventual murder by having the rock thrown on him! :( Although this isn’t indicative of intelligence, he does try to shirk his physical duties and leans heavily on his friend Ralph.God luck with the essay!