Ignorance is Bliss. 3 Examples.?

Give me ONE example from THE ALLEGORY OF THE CAVE that supports "Ignorance is bliss."Give me ONE example from THE MATRIX (movie) that supports "Ignorance is bliss."Give me ONE example from OEDIPUS REX that supports "Ignorance is bliss."This will dramatically help me with my 5 page essay.Thank you.

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  1. elaborators says:

    Allegory of the cave: The people in the cave don’t realize that they are looking at shadows on a wall and that there is an entire world outside the cave for them to experience. If they did know this then they would be miserable knowing that they where missing out. But they are ignorant so they don’t realize they are missing out. The Matrix: Pretty much the same thing with the matrix.Oedipus Rex: It would suck to realized you killed your dad and slept with your mom so if Oedipus never realized that than he wouldn’t have been so distraught to the point where he blinded himself and doomed himself to wonder the earth as a blind man.It is arguable as to wether or not these cases of ignorance would really provide “bliss” but in the allegory of the cave and the matrix examples it would be nice not to know the truth if you where truly trapped with no hope of escaping into the “real” world.

  2. aerohydrodynamic says:

    The idea that ignorance is bliss basically means someone refuses to take in any other sort of fact.If I said “Mac computers are terrible because hardly anyone uses them!” without looking into any facts about mac or listening to anyone testify as to how nice they are, that would be ignorant. Because that would be MY mindset (in my own little world, if you will) then to ME I would be 100% correct and everyone else would be wrong.It is having a false sense of truth.The followers of the Nazi party believed they were the master race, essentially because Hitler said so and gave some really ridiculous excuses to support his claim. The Nazi party then committed atrocious things and a large majority of the German people followed along willingly.This was because they were fed propaganda to the point that they believed they were the master race. That is what they were brainwashed into believing. They were ignorant of the fact that we are equal, and in the late 1930′s Jesse Owens, a black man from Alabama who was an Olympic runner, came in first place, beating the runner handpicked by the Nazi party. That exposed the ignorance of the Nazi beliefs.Ignorance is bliss means:1. You live in your own world and you believe everyone else is wrong (ergo you a huge jerk about things)2. You are fed propaganda which you therefore live by, believing it is truth when in reality there are many more things that are actual truth. Living a spoon fed lie, like the German people did.The only movie out of those I am familiar with is the Matrix.Listen to where Mr. Smith tells Neo about the people of the matrix and how they are simply now programs that follow their daily lives, believing that the matirx is THE ultimate truth. They are unaware that there is actually a HUGE world outside that contains a resistance of humans. Instead, reality has been changed to a virtual reality, controlled by agents. Because of this, the people know no better and live as if the virtual reality IS reality because that is all they know.They live in harmony because they know absolutely nothing about Neo and Zion, therefore they have no worries.Does that make sense?If so, then take the two prinicples I gave you and try to find parts of the other two movies, you’ll see exactly what I mean. ;) Its all about living a lie, enjoying it, and refusing to look at any truth because you enjoy that lie to much by your own choice, or by the fact you just do not know anything else.

  3. neworla says:

    I agree with eva… totally lazy. I’ve done this before for school too and i almost wish someone had told me to get off the effing computer and read the books myself (which i usually hadnt done).

  4. modelno says:

    CAVE: Once the prisoner is released, he’s forced to look upon the fire and objects that once dictated his perception of reality, and realizes these new images in front of him are now the accepted forms of reality. Plato describes the vision of the real truth to be “aching” to the eyes of the prisoners, and how they would naturally be inclined to going back and viewing what they have always seen as a pleasant and painless acceptance of truth. Thus for these prisoners ignorance was indeed relative bliss.MATRIX: those oblivious to the simulated reality of the matrix need not disrupt their routines and risk their lives and peace of mind by fighting intelligent machinesREX: if Oedipus had remained oblivious of the ancient prophecy he would not have ultimately stabbed out his own eyes. and imposed on himself the penalty of exile.

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