Hook for my cold war essay! HELP!?

In my essay, I'm trying to show people that the Cold war had negative impacts to the Us and Soviet Union as well as other nations around the world, even though there was no actual warfare/combat.I need a good hook, and I have no idea on what to use!Help?Isabelle.

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  1. republication says:

    I remember having to do these! :) Well basically you can say that although there was no direct conflict between USA and USSR, the battle ground was elsewhere.Namely in Africa, Asia and South America(civil wars, instability etc)You could talk about the FEAR created of nuclear warfare, seperation of families (East/West Berlin) etc..But I would go with the way in which both superpowers were responsible for much of the bloodshed in the developing world as a result of the Cold War and the need for both to create spheres of influence throughout the rest of the world.Good luck!