What are some arguments against helping homeless youth?

i'm doing an argumentative essay about helping homeless youth (babies to teenagers)i need a counter argument thoughwhy should people NOT help homeless teenagers?some ideas i came up with:they dont deserve help; they were the ones that put themselves in that position and should know better..some of the teenagers are homeless because they dont like their parents at homewhat other ideas are there? please helpthanks in advance. =)

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3 Answers to “What are some arguments against helping homeless youth?”

  1. northeasternmost says:

    you need a new topic for your essay.there are not any reasons why people should not help them.however, there are a million reasons why they should be helped.

  2. epiphyllous says:

    lets see i heard some one say once . i can not do all i would like to for my own kids , why should i bother with some one eles ‘ s if they don’t want them they probly not worth the truble anyway.”they know how to steal they can survive okay. most of them are hookers anyway. they probably make more mony than i do. they should just go home and face the music it is not my job not my responcibility .. if they think they are so smart and leave home then let them go get a job someplace. these are some remarks i have heard concerning homeless children. i have even heard one man say that the usa should do as the brizilans did and shoot them down like rats in the streets to curb street crime.i do not agree with any of this crap. but these are some sugestions for arguments i have heard.i find it sicking that so many people are so self centered and cruel harted toward children.ii lived in everette wash. in the mid 80s there were many homeless kids on the street, even in freezing weather it was against the law for shelters to take them in . and priate citzens who did risked being arrested for of all things child endangerment. so much for justice.

  3. endokaryogamy says:

    I can’t help you because I disagree with the premise of your argument. Homeless youth should certainly be helped, and I’ve never heard of anyone who disagreed with that!