How did religion unify people in ancient times?

i have to write an essay about how christianity unified people during the middle ages tomorrow... i need at least three main ideas, and i can only think of that they fought less because they had the same beliefs.1. does my first reason work?2. and can you name at least three more?thanks so much peace

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  1. noguchi says:

    Religion still unites people to a large extent. Religion is a set of accepted principles which defines the “Don ts” and “DOs” of a particular community.Every individual is guided by these principles and tries to portray to be the strict follower of these principles.Hence Religion forms a common domain between different people irrespective of other factors and hence unites people.

  2. brownnl says:

    I agree with your first point; history shows that shared beliefs usually provide unity. Here are some other reasons:2: Religion helps set the rules for a community, judge what behaviors are acceptable, and determine how to punish those which aren’t.3: It serves as a good way to identify one’s allies and enemies through acceptance and alienation.Is this good enough for the project?