How does Miss Havisham represent revenge?

I am doing an essay on hatred and revenge and I thought that Miss Havisham would be a great example for revenge. However, the only form of revenge I can think of is her getting Estella to not trust men. I need to go into more depth that that though. Can someone give me and in depth thing on how Miss Havisham is affected through revenge that she is trying to get and how she is trying to get the revenge.

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2 Answers to “How does Miss Havisham represent revenge?”

  1. disgracious says:

    You could build more on Estella’s hatred. Miss Havisham’s hatred indirectly makes Pip’s life miserable. She prejudices Estella against men, obviously. Pip has a thing for Estella, and Miss Havisham is completely aware of that and encourages it. She uses her desire for revenge to make Pip miserable through Estella.

  2. morcote says:

    she is seeking revenge on men because she was left at the altar. She forms the beautiful Estella into a cruel woman who will hurt men, unfortunate for our poor Pip he falls in love with Estella and Miss H encourages Estella to hurt him.