American Literature and language homework help?

Your Open QuestionShow me another » 1. The transcendentalists did not believe in God. (Points : 10)?1. The transcendentalists did not believe in God. (Points : 10) True False 2. The Transcendental Club only allowed in a few people who met strict requirements. (Points : 10) True False 3. Walt Whitman was influenced by the transcendentalists. (Points : 10) True False 4. Ralph Waldo Emerson believed in nonconformity. (Points : 10) True False 5. Ralph Waldo Emerson believed in the sacredness of tradition. (Points : 10) True False 6. Henry David Thoreau’s essay on Civil Disobedience influenced later leaders such as Martin Luther King, Jr. (Points : 10) True False 7. Thoreau believed "our life is frittered away by detail." (Points : 10) True False 8. The Unitarians were the same as the Puritans. (Points : 10) True False 9. The transcendentalists found the intellectual climate of Harvard exciting. (Points : 10) True False 10. Walt Whitman celebrated the "self". (Points : 10) True False

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