Should I go to school with these flu symptoms?

I have a fever where sometimes I'm cold and then I'm hot. I'm coughing, am tired, have a sore throat, and just feel downright miserable. My dad is telling me "you deserve it", saying I didn't take care of myself properly and pretty much just keeps yelling that he doesn't need another problem on his hands. He is going to make me go to school tomorrow. Should I go or not? I'm not finished with my English essay because I'm having problems concentrating and it won't be one of my best works for sure...

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9 Answers to “Should I go to school with these flu symptoms?”

  1. weschke says:

    No. Stay at home. The last thing you want is to have it take hold and you barf in 3rd period math class.then dad comes out to pick you up and makes you feel worse “This never would have happened if you ate healthy and not all that crap you shovel down your gaping pie hole.”

  2. gramineousness says:

    A fever means you are contagious, stay home or go to the doctor if it persists.

  3. pinningly says:

    going to school with any kind of flu like symptoms is never a good idea. you take the chance that you will infect other people at ur school as well and will cause other absences

  4. AmprNet says:

    No you should not go you might have the swine flu

  5. untottering says:

    no you should not go to school. Your dad is an ***. Even if it was your fault you got sick it is sometime not to be taken lightly plus you already feel like **** he isn’t helping one bit. By going to school you not only will probably do bad on your English essay but you will get many other people sick and you will feel crappy. I would stay home regardless of what he says. If he makes you just go to the school nurse and say you are sick and they will send you home and have someone pick you up or walk home if it is not too far.

  6. ichu says:

    See your doctor. Don’t go to school and try to study at home.

  7. ninetyish says:

    No. You have to be symptom free for an entire week.

  8. bauble says:

    My school tells us not to go to school even if you have a sore throat. Don’t get everyone sick! I hate it when people are sick and they go to school and they have a cough and they give it to me! Don’t go, cause you’ll spread it around.

  9. diota says:

    Your dad sounds self-concerned and grumpy about unrelated stuff. If you are having trouble moving around, save your classmates the germs and stay home.