10 points for the idea i use! i need a football persuasive essay topic!?

ok so we are writing this 8 pages essay in english. we are working on it all quarter so i dont wanna do something thatll bore me to tears... i wanna do somethin about football but i cant think of anything to write about! there have to be at least to sides to the argument and it has to be able to fill 8 pages and have articles already written about it.... plz help

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  1. skalds says:

    should players be allowed to ‘retire’…but then contract with another team?both controversial AND current.

  2. pooled says:

    Here are a few.1. Should the NFL accept players out of high school, as the NBA does?2. Should NFL players be forced to retire after sustaining a set number of head injuries?3. Should college football players be paid?4. Should a player convicted and jailed for a felony be readmitted into the NFL? (Michael Vick as an example).5. Should the NCAA come up with a better method of determining a national champion than the BCS?