Can I use my experience with using credit cards as a topic of my college essay?

Deadlines are approaching and I'm done with my sat's so I really can't think of a reason to procrastinate any more. Like seriously, I haven't written a word yet... and I don't have a clear idea of what I should write about. One thing I"ve been thinking as a possible topic of my essay is my experience with using credit card and how I got myself into a mess. I'll write about how I became a more responsible person..Does that sound too banal? right? Is it an okay topic for a college essay?How can I make it sound more interesting? Please helpppp :(

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  1. Cetomorpha says:

    I suppose if you have a legitimate moral to your story, but it would be best if you did something illegal or bad to simply keep it to yourself. I, too, am in the middle of writing my university essays. You should write about what you are most passionate about (sport or hobby) and go from there.If you’re seriously worried have an adult, teacher or guidance counselor look at your essay before you submit it.Hope that helps.