College applicaiton essay?

Describe a meaningful event, experience or accomplishment in your life and how it will affect your college experience or your contribution to the UF campus community. You may want to reflect on your family, your school or community activities, or your involvement in areas outside of! :(i really dont understand the part when it says how that event will affect my college expierience

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  1. sudkamp says:

    Think about what you learned from the experience and how that will help you give back in the classroom or the campus community.Hope that helps.

  2. bradyphagia says:

    Nobody here is going to write a college essay for you. Just throw something down or even make up a sensible story that would apply to how you will excel in college. If you get into that school and if you go on to work some crap job later like most of us end up doing, you will soon learn that just writing the piece is half the battle. Like they say, ‘it’s not what you say but how you say it.’ There’s a lot of truth in that in writing too. Just go off on a tangent and make sure the grammar and spelling is all good and you’ve got just as good a chance as anyone. Don’t take it too seriously man, it’s not as complicated as it seems.

  3. duikerbok says:

    How did it shape your life? In other words, what experiences from these events will you bring to this university that will help you and help make the university a better place.

  4. jenssen says:

    overcoming adversity is a good one, but it is probably overused.Keep in mind that the college recieves thousands of these essays. MOST of them would the usual cliche’ like indeed overcoming adversity. A well written essay is an essay that stands out, one that is unusual and different than all the other boring ones that they have heard before. Make something up if u have to.

  5. Ardhamagadhi says:

    I’m not gonna tell u what I did for my essay (basically same exact prmpt) because mine is epic…and already made one person cry (legit, haha), but talk about an experience, like being the captain of something, and how you can utilize the leadership gained from it to be a successful person in college and an influential leader on campus (how u’ll join the student council, etc…)That’s just an example, but something like that

  6. anthropomorphologically says:

    You should probably begin by using a spellchecker and proper grammar. Now, ask yourself these questions: Who am I? And, why am I who I am? What event(s) and/or circumstances shaped me? Answer those questions and you will solve your dilemma. You may also learn a bit about yourself in the process!

  7. sulfoacid says:

    I guess for example if you learned the importance of good grades by seeing others fail around you could be one. It would effect your college experience because you are driven to succeed by the fear of possibly failing. So you would talk about how you focus on good grades because you the importance and impact that a college degree would have on your life.

  8. amyelia says:

    Is there something in your live that has made you mature? Was there a moment in your life where you felt like an adult and not like a child? Is there something you do that you could continue to do in college (eg. student activism, volunteering, student government)?

  9. mauling says:

    The event could have changed how you view life or people in your life. For example, not too long ago, I helped my friend get help for her anorexia, depression, and drinking and smoking problem By watching her suffer, I realized how important it is to deal with the little things before they take over your life. I realized that alcohol is never the solution, it also will now never be a catalyst of problems in my life. As I watched her gradually overcome all of her problems, I realized that anything is possible if it is really what you want. I never expected my friend to have such an awesome recovery. You could also say something like winning a scholarship or making honor roll helped you realize how great it feels to succeed and that you will work hard to achieve that feeling of success in college.

  10. mystifications says:

    If something has happened to you in your life that has made you want to appreciate college more than say another person of the same educational stature has, then you need to say what it was that makes you a better candidate for their college.Maybe one of your parents didnt go to college and really wished you would and they died. Say that to make them proud you wanted to live on their dream of you going to college.Just say something that sounds heartwarming and caring and youll get in.

  11. dehumanizing says:

    like what you went through during that event and how it makes you act differently or feel differently when you go to college…its a meaningful event so how it impacts you going to college

  12. throat says:

    Ok, you write something that happened why you were younger. Something that you really wanted and how you accomplished it. Just make sure the thing you wanted was moral.I think I wrote about how I always wanted to help people, so I started a group to visit the elderly people at the local hospital; play music and feed them.

  13. zealous says:

    Maybe you should mention who influenced you to go to college, why your studying what you are, who influenced that choice, maybe what, or who it was that helped you realize that choice, and why you are following it. maybe this choice is affecting what you want to do with your life, what your majoring in.