English Essay help?

Hey ppl ...i have an english assignment. its like a comparison essay ... Wwe have to work in pairs with a classmate ... we need to ask questions to each other and in that way find out interesting things abt each other .... after that we need to compare ourselves to our friend... like compare what answers he/she gave with what i answered... so i just needed some interesting points with which i could compare both of us ... any suggestions?

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  1. defleas says:

    dreams and aspirations, favorite kind of car, favorite pastime, favorite article of clothing.

  2. draftily says:

    Extended family?Previous relationships?Fears (really, some people can have funny phobias)?What do you think about right before you go to sleep?

  3. ashur says:

    pets, food you eat at home, music, sports, places youve traveled

  4. Coccogonales says:

    To have a critical comparison, if you have very similar characteristics, you have to take out the differences. If you are quite different in many ways, you have to take out the similarity.i.e. Even though we are similar in personality, family background…etc, I see a difference between our perception of the today issue or …difference between our definitions of success. She defines success as having money…for me, I define success as academic achievement ……….etc….There are major topics you can ask each other1. appearance 2. general favorite3. experience4. general background5. future plan: future career, major…6. favorite class: English, math, chemistry, biology7. hate this class the most… 8. which you like to read? : literary fiction or formula fiction (romanticism) 9. happiest moment you wish to have10. music, type of movie11. GPA? Im not sure…might not good to ask12. family: how many bro and sis….13. Introvert or Extrovert?14. talkative or quiet ………………….

  5. anthophilous says:

    You should probably look at all the answers to some simple questions together and come up with an overall BIG difference between you (not she’s a blonde and I’m a brunette — that doesn’t say anything).Is one of you more laid back and the other more uptight?Is one a good student and the other a slacker?Compare world views – what kinds of issues do the two of you care about? (ie poverty, environment. etc.)Future plans…housewife, career woman?

  6. zebu says:

    Likes, dislikes, haircolor, family size, birthday, favorite foods, books, magazines, movie stars, tv shows, classes, places to visit, day of the week. color, month

  7. cousiness says:

    This all depends on what grade you are in. But ask questions that you think you could give impressive answers to. Try to stay away from questions that will be answered with things such as… “my favorite hobby is shopping.” Things that have to do with family, extra curricular activities, and academics are the best.