What Does Grendel Want Revenge On?(beowulf)?

i dont know what i kno he is jeoulous but why does he want revenge on the village and people? i need this info to write an essay on the question

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5 Answers to “What Does Grendel Want Revenge On?(beowulf)?”

  1. descset says:

    Uh, Beowulf killed his mom, right? Question answered.

  2. sirpea says:

    Grendel is a direct decendent of Cain, who killed his brother Abel in the creation myth. When the Danes are celebrating in the great hall that Hrothgar built they are singing songs about creation and how evil Cain is. Grendel hears this and begins to become angry and jeoulous that the Danes have a great hall and that God has blessed them with glory while he has nothing but a horrible blood line of pure evil. Thus he attacks the great hall and kills some of the Danes.

  3. helicogyre says:

    I know Grendels mother wants revenge for the killing of her son Grendel…But, Grendel i’m not sure, i think he might represent nature or the supernatural..maybe he has something against the men building that hall? Maybe the hall represents something as well that grendel is agaist?The person below me is correct, I remember now!What a great story…

  4. woodruffs says:

    because the people in the village are causing too much noise for the grendel.. the grendel lives underground and doesn’t like to be bothered.. so when the villagers are partying and causing noises it pisses off the grendel so he kills them to make the noise stop and beowulf has to kill the grendel before all his people are killed

  5. outsmarted says:

    Grendel doesn’t allow happiness. the people in the village are having fun because of the war victories, but Grendel seems jealous of the happiness, coz he is a devil that no body likes about. Plus, he is a monster, mosters ate people!