Big history test todayy!?!?

i have to write an essay about Metternich and his 3 point plan to restore europe. It has to be 5 paragraphs long. i know his 1st point was to prevent future aggression.2nd was to restore balance of power.3rd was to restore Europes royal families. but how did he do all this? how can i stretch these three points into five paragraphs? please helpp i have school in one hour!

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  1. auride says:

    Danny to the rescue. Ill hurry up and cut out some of the crap you dont need.1. Prevent future aggression – dividing staes in Italy to keep them weak and divided (i.e. could not become a military power and a threat to Austria). Therefore Austria remained the dominant power for the first half of the 19th century in Europe.2. Restore balance of power – In Italy he divided the states back to what they looked like in the 1700′s to keep them weak. Therefore if thy are separated they cannot threaten the might of the Austro-Hungarian empire.3.Restoring monarchs. He restored monarchs in Italy after 1815 because this would restore the old orders of power prevent democracy (people/mob rule) from establishing itself . The rulers would alsoco operate with Austria.Hope it helps. Could have done more detailbut recognise your dire situation.

  2. badmen says:

    Look at the Congress of Vienna 1814-1815.Metternich had to get the other major European powers to agree with his aims,so the whole thing required considerable diplomacy.prevent future aggression – the ‘Concert of Europe’ an agreement to settle future disagreements and disputes using a conference system, negotiation, and diplomacy, rather than war.Restore balance of power – France returned to its pre Revolution borders, territorial changes by Napoleon largely scrapped, allies of Napoleon punished by losing territory to the major powers.Restore Europe’s royal families – Bourbon restoration in France. napoleon had dethroned a number of European monarchs, and given their thrones to members of his family. These thrones were all returned to their original owners,or their legal successors.