Waitlisted at BU? What’re my chances?

So I got waitlisted at Boston University and its my top school. They said they'd get back to me by May 1st but I wanted to know by chances of getting in? I have a 4.3 gpa, 2020 sat score, and pretty good extracurriculars and essay. Is there anything I can do to increase my chances?I mean I was pretty surprised since even Brandeis and WPI accepted me.

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2 Answers to “Waitlisted at BU? What’re my chances?”

  1. nonsinkable says:

    I’m very surprised that they waitlisted you with those stats. You are far above their average GPA and have an above average SAT score. If I were you, I would call and speak to the admissions office. Ask them how you might improve your chances. You can google the best way to do it. Some people write/fax a letter instead.

  2. vukovar says:

    In order to find out your chances you have to contact the school directly. First, you need to find out your position on the waitlist. (If it’s below 50 you should get in fine, 50-200 maybe, 200+ unlikely.) Second, you should ask if there’s anything you can submit to put your name higher up on the list.