IB Extended Essay – Women in WWII?

My topic for my extended essay is about the women working in wwii. Ive been trying to find a good angle...Any suggestions about either the workforce or the women military (WASPS)?

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  1. daibutsu says:

    The Womens Army Corps (WAC) flew new aircraft to Europe. They crewed and delivered Bombers and Fighter planes, occassionally coming into contact with Enemy aircraft and being engaged in combat. Bet you never suspected there were women fighter pilots and bomber crews.

  2. gubmint says:

    Absolutely! “Rosie the Riveter” was borne of World War II. Women had NEVER been in the workforce in any great numbers before that war, and the government had to undertake a propaganda campaign to even GET women to come work in the factories…And then, once they worked their factory shifts, they had to go home and clean the house, milk the cows and cook the meals. It was a new phenomena, the “double shift”–and it was about the turn the world of the average American upside-down.I am including a link to a government website about Rosie the Riveter and her importance in winning the war. Good luck with your report!