If I am stating a fact in my essay that I got from a film, how do I cite that within the paper?

Usually I would cite a book within my paper and at the end of the sentence would include (Author, pg#). But how do you do this if the fact you got was from a film? Or a website?

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2 Answers to “If I am stating a fact in my essay that I got from a film, how do I cite that within the paper?”

  1. jeramey says:

    Look at the style manual for the citation system you are using. It is available in the college library if it is not accessible online. If the film is not a documentary, be very careful about citing it for “facts”. Actually, try to make sure that the instuctor will accept a film as a source.

  2. paraaminobenzoic says:

    Go to the Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL): [external link] give you the guidelines on how to do citations according to MLA, APA, and Chicago.