Mising files after system restore?

My computer was recently infected by some type of crazy virus, and my brother did a system restore to fix it. It worked and the virus is now gone, but all my word documents, pictures, internet history, etc. are missing. My history still pops up when I type something in the URL bar, and I can still access files under "recent files" when I open word, but I can't find them anywhere. I can save them without having to "save as", so they're somewhere on the computer, I just don't know where. It's really frustrating, especially since I have some essays I was going to use in classes this summer. Is there any way I can restore the files to their original folders? I've tried searching through my computer and I have found NOTHING! It's killing me >_< Please help?

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4 Answers to “Mising files after system restore?”

  1. KENNA says:

    The virus hid your files. The virus may or may not be completely gone. You can try the unhide.exe towards the bottom of this link to see if it helps.EDIT:I don’t know if the usual computer repair places will do virus removal. The basic thought is that there is a virus going around that changes your file attributes so that they are hidden. It also makes it difficult to change them back. the unhide.exe is supposed to be able to fix it.The fact that you can get to your files from Words “recent” menu points to the idea that they are just hidden and not deleted.

  2. priznao says:

    Those files are gone, when your brother did a “System restore” it brought back your system to an earlier stage. Think of it as if YOU went back in your 20′s when you were 50 and suffering from a cancer(virus) to get rid of the cancer(virus) you would surely loose some stuff.

  3. hbrooks says:

    A system restore takes your computer back in time essentially, it takes it to its last working configuration. Which in some cases deletes files that were on the machine in the time after it was restored to. If you gave more information it would be easier to assist you.

  4. pedomotive says:

    The idea behind system restore is that it’s supposed to restore your system settings back to the date you specified, while keeping all your personal files and folders intact. However, from my own experience (as well as your current situation), it doesn’t always work. You can usually undo a system restore (unless you restored under safe mode), which will hopefully bring your files back (and then you can make a backup copy); however, undoing the system restore will also resurrect the virus.