What is the communication situation in poetry?

"Basics of English Studies" Lethbridge/Mildorf4.1.1. (Cont.)Some people associate poetry with subjectivity and the expression of intense personal experience. While this is true for some poetry, especially lyrical poetry, there are a great number of poems this does not apply to; for example narrative poems like Scott's Marmion (Edit: 'Oh, what a tangled web we weave') or didactic (Edit: Designed to teach, or entertain with instruction) and philosophical poems like Pope's Essay on Man or John Philips' Cyder. Just as it is often misleading to identify the author of a novel with its narrator, one should not assume that the author of a poem is identical with its speaker and thus even lyrical poems cannot be treated as subjective expression of the author. (Edit: They just said, 'cannot' not 'should not.') The two levels of author and speaker should always be kept separate. The communication situation in poetry is very similar to the one is prose, except that poetry very often does not include dialogue, thus the inner box is optional. (See page 143.)To join a discussion on this book: [external link] (58).ht…

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  1. rochgte says:

    Wait a minute…You mean all those bleeding hearts, sunken ships and berefts of Love were fake ?I’m outta here.

  2. despitefully says:

    Most of what I write is done in first person, but in fact is not about me. I try to keep the person and the subject as separate entities.A lot of my work is done from my own experience, so I also know it can be done in this manner, but unless the author specifically states it is about him/her, I don’t usually assume.

  3. Cactus says:

    Thank you. Starting with the first link of the middle three…

  4. wischik says:

    poetry is a mere expression of ones inner souls ideas about a concept of ones own and no two poets can express similarly. many rewrite ur views in the language their eyes see. poetry is from the heart we in modern age stillbask in the shade of those who r no more yet say we are the poets of the day and write what they would have us want to do friends poetry is by me 4 you and by u fore mepoetry is a mere expression of ones inner souls ideas about a concept of ones own and no two poets can express similarly.many rewrite ur views in the language their eyes see. poetry is from the heart we in modern age stillbask in the shade of those who r no more yet say we are the poets of the day and write what they would haveus want to dofriends poetry is by me 4 you and by u for me hope i have given proper views thankx all the samewhenever i write something they take a coffee break so i have now decided to take a longer one bye 4 nowWHOA…. HAVING A LONG COFFEE BREAKFriends and fans have a nice time,No poetry, no astrology, Nor sexology,From dear Vision, as he will be astride,Hoping to somewhere else hide.See you soon,His absence is your boon, And all I can say, when catty is away,The micy will play,Have a good day.Bye for now, But Vision will,Miss you all some how, Wow, wow, wow.Au Revoir till we meet again.VISIONANONMisunderstanding Many times we do not share our thoughts, Later we find we have left behind, The things necessary for our need, But then it’s all in our deed, We blame each other and really do not care, The harm we do to our selves,What and when we should our thoughts share… But if we were to lead a calculated life, Leave our worries and strife,Our lives would be, Mechanical and not absolutely normal. Yet at the end of the flight,Still we think we were right.Had we thought a wee bit earlier,We could have, well yes, could haveHeld our eventual loss,At the road of life, Thus we could have avoided strife. Some where we could not really care, Of losses we had to share,At what ever cost,We had really lost. Yet we still willingly retain,We were right, we maintain.But we should now forget,And thankfully to God, leave the rest.

  5. lacunose says:

    That’s what I always say to my students: separate speaker / poet. So that we may analyze Shakespeare’s sonnets without looking for a real-life situation, and without immediately assuming that Shakespeare is the persona of the sonnets. People often forget that poetry is fiction.

  6. hertanu says:

    Now it has finally been spoken by two of my favourite people here. hope everyone is listening.spoke too softly and yelled quite loud.Mice roar, lions lick their lips.Thank you for pointing this out. Ronnie

  7. radiatiform says:

    This is an excellent point.For some time now, I have been telling the poets on this site that ‘a poem is a poem is a poem.’ When I post a poem, they often speak to me as an individual, rather than to the poem as a piece of fiction. As Bill Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage…” and especially on the Internet, we are all, in some respects, a fictional work.

  8. ophiopluteus says:

    I feel we all write poetry out of something in our experience. I have long wondered if all fiction wasn’t autobiographical to some extent. I have tried very carefully to remember “a poem is a poem” . Sometimes it’s difficult when one disgorges on the monitor. Myself included. I’ll be reading more tonight! Thanks.

  9. koprino says:

    This is absolutely true, and it’s funny, because when I used to write as a teenager, it was always about real experiences, and terribly abstract. Of course I’ve learned, since then, and while I haven’t completely been able to brake away from making my poems personal, a lot of them now are fictional and introspective. And if any part of myself leaks into them, they are only thoughts and perspectives. However I had one experience where I showed a particular poem of mine to a friend, and they practically berated me for making up a story. I almost felt like I was taking the heat for lying. It was comical, but annoying at the same time. You would be surprised at how many people still think that poetry is supposed to be autobiographical and therapeutic.