What’s a good hook line for a persuasive essay?

im writing a persuasive essay for my 8th grade languge arts class, im stuck on the "hook" line. My essay is about Dress Code not being so heavy about it.. you know? Like bra straps able to show and ripped jeans, anyone know what im talking about? So i would like if someone could help me with it, i dont need help on how to write it, i would actually like it if someone could give me a really good hook line that would give me an A! :D that would be fantastic! or something like that :P thanks for anyone who helps, it mean alot! Sincerly,Kiri Daye <3

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3 Answers to “What’s a good hook line for a persuasive essay?”

  1. dishmonger says:

    Start your persuasive essay with a question. It makes the reader answer the question in his head and at that point, you have forced the reader to think about your topic.You could use an example from history. For example, Einstein was known to be sloppily dressed most of the time and was criticized. Did what Einstein wore stifle or effect his greatness or capacity to achieve greatness? The reader should answer in his head, “no.”

  2. Croomia says:

    I wouldn’t write a hook line until the end of the essay.Without knowing your argument against dress codes, it makes it difficult to help you with the hook.

  3. enjoyer says:

    8th grade? we did that same topic in 7th grade. i swear at John Adams Middle school… i had ms anderson. wait i don’t get it is ur topic on taking away the right to wear revealing clothes or making it ok to wear revealing clothes (at school grounds?) pro or con?